Sunday, July 19, 2009

Spread the A.P.C. love

I probably would consider A.P.C. as the French answer to Topshop, and as any respectful fashionistas would not argue against France's chic tag, I am stoked to know A.P.C. is opening its first Australian store in Melbourne. And to make it even better, it's supposed to open this month!

The location is still under wraps; but I promise you, once it opens, I'm probably there on the first day or at least, on the second. This is - to me - almost as fantastic as a trip to France itself. This is probably the most over-the-top statement I'll ever make in my whole life, but it is just so, so, so exciting to add another European flavour to this wonderful city that is Melbourne (I really am smiling when I'm writing this).

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so glad someone else knows about this label
so hot! thanks for showing, its beautiful inspiration!

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