Thursday, July 2, 2009

Star style: Jamie Hince

It's the men's turn now.

Jamie Hince from The Kills is probably one of the most stylish rockstars I've seen. His stage persona is written all over the skinny jeans, boots and leather jackets. Yeah, yeah, we've all seen them before. But somehow he adds that extra panache with that tasteful drape of the patterned scarf, colourful vests peeking underneath, the jewellery and the gold-button detailing.

I saw The Kills play live at the V Festival almost three months ago and instead of looking around for Kate Moss (which would have been unfruitful since she didn't come along for that tour after all), I was mesmerised by his stage presence - and sartorial choice, of course.

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Do something for rock!! said...

what's the name of the brand of the jamie hince leather jacket??