Sunday, August 1, 2010

Throw on some shoes

Okay, hello, how are you? It's been ages since I posted something in here.

I just got myself a pair of these bone-coloured canvas Converse low-tops. I have been looking for this exact colour for ages, and today I found them at an outlet shop. Quite chuffed about it, actually♥

I can imagine myself wearing them to bits with everything and everywhere. I've entered that age where I buy things in neutral colours and consider them investment pieces because of the amount of times I get to wear them.

On another note, I just thought I'd post this picture of the wonderful Maggie Gyllenhaal in one of my favourite casual outfits of hers. I just find the teal-green knit throw looks so exquisite with her brown shoes and her checked shirt.

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Dan said...

I have been thinking of buying a pair of converse but don't know which color to settle on. I am thinking of green.

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Lela said...

Maggie is such a goddess! Love your blog.

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